Domestic Fans

  • Fans for Small Rooms

    Fans for effective and lasting air extraction of small and medium-sized rooms. Execution in rugged synthetic material. All fans are equipped with thermal overload-protection as standard feature.

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  • Window and wall mounted fan, Model EV

    AC 230V, 50/60Hz
    Easy installation.
    With fixed internal grille & airstream operated external shutter

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  • Wall-mounted fan, Model series EN

    AC 230V, 50Hz
    Motor for continuous operation, moisture proof insulation. Maintenance free.
    5 blades, low noise impeller with symmetric profile with air volumes from 450 m3/hr to 1900 m3/hr.

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  • ERR in-line centrifugal fans for duct systems

    AC 230V, 50/60Hz
    High Performance radial impeller with blades curve to the rear.
    Delivery of small to medium air volumes at high resistance.

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  • EZQ/DZQ, High performance wall fans

    AC 230V. 50/60Hz or 400V, 3 Phase 50/60Hz
    Available in 200mm to 1000mm diameter.
    IP 55 protection in most models.

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  • ERM, Semi-centrifugal duct fans for duct systems

    for AC 230 V, 50 cycles
    impellers 140 – 270 mm diameter
    air volume 150 – 1.260 m³/h
    also available in ex-proof version

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  • Explosion Proof Wall-Mounted Fans

    Axial wall fan with square wall plate, single-phase AC, explosion proof

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  • ERM-E Ex e semi-centrifugal duct fans

    Semi-centrifugal duct fan, DN 180, single-phase AC, explosion proof

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