Commercial Buildings

  • Fans for Small Rooms

    Fans for effective and lasting air extraction of small and medium-sized rooms. Execution in rugged synthetic material. All fans are equipped with thermal overload-protection as standard feature.

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  • Window and wall mounted fan, Model EV

    AC 230V, 50/60Hz
    Easy installation.
    With fixed internal grille & airstream operated external shutter

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  • Wall-mounted fan, Model series EN

    AC 230V, 50Hz
    Motor for continuous operation, moisture proof insulation. Maintenance free.
    5 blades, low noise impeller with symmetric profile with air volumes from 450 m3/hr to 1900 m3/hr.

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  • ERR in-line centrifugal fans for duct systems

    AC 230V, 50/60Hz
    High Performance radial impeller with blades curve to the rear.
    Delivery of small to medium air volumes at high resistance.

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  • EZQ/DZQ, High performance wall fans

    AC 230V. 50/60Hz or 400V, 3 Phase 50/60Hz
    Available in 200mm to 1000mm diameter.
    IP 55 protection in most models.

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  • ERM, Semi-centrifugal duct fans for duct systems

    for AC 230 V, 50 cycles
    impellers 140 – 270 mm diameter
    air volume 150 – 1.260 m³/h
    also available in ex-proof version

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  • Explosion Proof Wall-Mounted Fans

    Axial wall fan with square wall plate, single-phase AC, explosion proof

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  • ERM-E Ex e semi-centrifugal duct fans

    Semi-centrifugal duct fan, DN 180, single-phase AC, explosion proof

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  • Silencers for Commercial/Industrial

    Rectangular and cylindrical silencers are used to reduce the noise in “air moving” applications such as air conditioning or ventilation systems, fan and blower inlets and outlets, dust control equipment, motor cooling fans, enclosure ventilation and other industrial applications.

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  • Acoustic louvres

    Acoustic louvres are used to prevent noise breakout from an air inlet or outlet of a plantroom, building or enclosure whilst allowing ventilation air transfer.

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